A Giant Leap In Human Consciousness

‘Humanity in The Age Of Baryon’

We are living in most dramatic phase of human evolution ‘A Period Of Awakening’.

Most of us without a doubt have begun to ask questions—perhaps for the first time in our life. Whether you view current events as the end of the world or rise of a New Age is entirely dependent on whether you are bound by separation consciousness or have expanded beyond it into something new.

The shift in human consciousness peaked during covid pandemic, which forced people to wake up from their slumber of ages.
The fear, the isolation, the pain pushed them to look beyond illusions of separation as human identity. People started questioning their beliefs their faith in authorities which led them to question even furthere more.

The shift in human evolution is so significant that it is visible to the unaided eye. Ancient social structures and beliefs are being examined more closely than ever thanks to this change—possibly for the very first time.

The result of humanity’s misguided efforts, together with a world under pressure from an outmoded and unsustainable human belief system, is what is currently collapsing around us. The majority of human misery is self-inflicted and results from separate consciousness’ inherent ignorance and limitations.

The very air we breathe holds the key to what links us to the rest of Creation. The inquiry itself contains the all-encompassing solution to the puzzle of the mystery of life, enigmatically lurking within grasp.
The scientific and non-scientific parts of our world are both concrete and intangible.

All are approching to their own self, that leads them to understand that
‘We are one, part of one collective consciousness abiding in different physical forms.’

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