Big Bang Never Happened

The Real Crisis In Cosmology The Big Bang is arguably one of the most well-known scientific theory. According to the Big Bang theory, our universe began roughly 14 billion years ago with a massive explosion and has been expanding and cooling ever since. This idea has carried whole of contemporary cosmology, the scientific field devoted … Read more

Chiefs ambush Raiders for 30-29 victory after overcoming a 17-point deficit.

At Arrowhead Stadium on Monday night, both actual and symbolic fireworks were sent off. The Chiefs and Raiders exchanged passes back and forth for over 750 total yards during their first meeting of the 2022 season as Patrick Mahomes sent the ball to Travis Kelce and Derek Carr fed Davante Adams. The Raiders were advancing … Read more

M42 Is Love, Orion As You Know It

M42 : The Orion Nebula Famous diffuse emission/reflection nebula called the Orion Nebula may be found in the constellation of Orion. It is sometimes referred to as the Great Orion Nebula or Messier 42 (M42). NGC 1976 is its designation in the New General Catalogue.Alternate NAMES :NGC 1976,The Great Orion NebulaOrionRA 5h 35.3 mDec -5º … Read more

DADDY SATURN : A Giant Gaseous Exoplanet

Exoplanets, or planets outside of our solar system, can be seen from Earth by varying the brightness of their main star. When a planet passes in front of Earth and its star, some of the light is partially blocked, usually for a few hours. The researchers noticed an extraordinary and dynamic light show that lasted … Read more

Suzlon Energy plots a roadmap for a comeback to its golden years before 2007

Suzlon Energy, the leading operator in wind energy, has been neck-deep in debt for more than ten years and just lost its charismatic founder-chairman Tulsi Tanti. However, the company is on a strong revival trajectory and is hopeful of returning to its peak years of before 2007. Tulsi Tanti, who was leading the efforts to … Read more

A Giant Leap In Human Consciousness

‘Humanity in The Age Of Baryon’ We are living in most dramatic phase of human evolution ‘A Period Of Awakening’. Most of us without a doubt have begun to ask questions—perhaps for the first time in our life. Whether you view current events as the end of the world or rise of a New Age … Read more

The Legends of Double Nobel

The five scientists who won Nobel Prize twice 1) Barry Sharpless Twenty years after receiving his first Nobel Prize, American Barry Sharpless in 2022 became just the fifth person in history to receive a second one. 2)MARIE CURIE The Polish scientist Marie Skodowska Curie (7 November 1867–4 July 1934) was the first person to achieve … Read more