Autism and Vaccines: A Whistleblower Reveals Evidence Of The CDC’s Criminal Coverup


Documents now show that CDC scientists who conspired to commit scientific fraud in order to obscure the link between the MMR vaccine and autism were aware that they were possibly engaging in criminal behaviour as early as 2002.

Melinda Wharton, Walt Orenstein, Kim Lane, Kevin M. Malone, Beverly Dozier, Robert Chen, David Shay, Coleen Boyle, and Roger Bernier were among those who received an email from CDC whistleblower William Thompson. The email centred on a Department of Justice investigation of the CDC, in which the DoJ had requested “a wide range of documents related to MMR, Thimerosal, and Autism.”William Thompson was already aware of research findings linking the MMR vaccine to a significant increase in autism risk among African-American children in 2002. Brian Hooker’s published paper, which includes a full analysis of the CDC’s own data, reveals a 340% increased risk of autism in African-American children after receiving the MMR vaccine.

Dr. Thompson of the CDC was well aware of the increased autism risk associated with MMR vaccines. He refers to these findings as “sensitive findings.” The letter’s smoking gun is Dr. Thompson’s admission that CDC scientists and decision-makers are debating which documents to turn over to the Department of Justice and which to suppress.”I have also attempted to draw your attention to some potentially sensitive legal issues regarding what documents we should provide for this study,” Thompson wrote in an email dated Friday, October 18, 2002 at 4:43 AM. The email was addressed to Melinda Wharton and copied on to the above-mentioned recipients.

Even to this day, the CDC has deliberately withheld documents sought by members of Congress. Rather than disclosing the so-called “science” used by the CDC to promote mass vaccination programs, the agency buries evidence and lies to both Congress and the American public.

In 2002, Dr. Thompson hires a personal attorney.

“I don’t think anyone has broken the law,” Thompson writes, “but I was extremely uncomfortable when Dr. Coleen Boyle, a coauthor on our paper, was required to testify before Congressman Dan Burton’s Committee in April of 2002 regarding MMR and Autism. When individuals from the NCBDDD began to cc Beverly Dozier, an attorney, on e-mails regarding discussions we were having regarding the provision of appropriate documents to satisfy the DOJ request, I became more concerned about legal issues surrounding the MADDSP MMR/Autism Study.”

The letter goes on to say that attorney Beverly Dozier was consulting Dr. Coleen Boyle on what documents to provide (and therefore also what documents to withhold).Dr. Thompson then concludes by saying “I will be hiring my own personal attorney…” and even adds, “[I will] seriously consider removing myself as an author on the draft manuscript.”

Dr. William Thompson admits to scientific fraud at the CDC twelve years later.

The MMR vaccine/autism cover-up lasted another twelve years. The DoJ investigation fizzled, and the scientists involved in the cover-up received prestigious awards from Health and Human Services.This cover-up haunted Dr. Thompson for twelve years, and he has now decided to clear his conscience and admit to the fraud. Now he says :

Oh my God, I did not believe that we did what we did, but we did. It’s all there. This is the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper. I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.

– Dr. William Thompson

Now, this MMR vaccine-autism cover-up continues to be perpetrated by the mainstream media which has so far run a total media blackout on the story, hoping to suppress the truth about MMR vaccines and autism for as long as possible.Consider how extraordinary it is today that Natural News, a small independent media organization, would now be out-reporting the New York Times on one of the most explosive medical fraud stories in U.S. history. There is not a single mainstream media source in America today which has published a single article on this extraordinary turning point in the history of the CDC and its scientific fraud. What you are witnessing today is the total collapse of the illusion of credibility across the mainstream media and the rise of the only free press remaining in America: the independent media.

This is evident in the fact that this story has far-reaching implications for public health, yet no one in the mainstream media is raising any concerns. If the press refuses to ask questions, it isn’t the press at all. It’s simply a disinformation outlet for corporations and governments.One of the most significant stories in medical history involves a CDC whistleblower admitting to scientific fraud regarding MMR vaccines. I consider myself fortunate to be one of only a few truth-telling independent journalists in America with the credibility and courage to bring it to you. Spread the word.

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