Cortez Masto’s victory in Nevada ensures the Democrats maintain control of the Senate.

After the Nevada Senate race results were made public, Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto won despite being perceived as being in a precarious position.

Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat from Nevada, won her hard-fought reelection campaign, securing the Democratic Party’s Senate majority status and dealing a painful defeat to the Republicans who were unable to gain the one seat necessary to take control of the chamber.

Results were announced on Saturday night, and Cortez Masto, who was seen as the most vulnerable of the Democratic Senate incumbents, triumphed after mail-in ballots from the heavily Democratic Clark County were added to the count.

In the weeks running up to the election, the influential Culinary Workers Union, which represents casino employees, ran an aggressive door-to-door canvassing campaign, giving Cortez Masto a boost.

A day after a call claiming Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly as the winner in Arizona, Cortez Masto won. Blake Masters, an election sceptic supported by former President Donald Trump but shunned by more traditional Republicans in Washington, was defeated by Kelly.

Broadcast networks declared Kelly the winner after it became clear that Masters lacked the necessary number of uncounted votes to defeat the incumbent Democrat.

Democrats kept control of Nevada’s state legislature and all three of the state’s congressional seats. But Republican Joe Lombardi defeated Democrat Steve Sisolak in the race for a second term as governor.

Republicans hoping to thwart the Democratic agenda were dealt a devastating blow when they were unable to win back the Senate.

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