The Legends of Double Nobel

The five scientists who won Nobel Prize twice

1) Barry Sharpless

Twenty years after receiving his first Nobel Prize, American Barry Sharpless in 2022 became just the fifth person in history to receive a second one.


The Polish scientist Marie Skodowska Curie (7 November 1867–4 July 1934) was the first person to achieve the feat of winning a Nobel Prize twice. She was first recognised for her work in physics and later in chemistry. Few people are aware that she almost didn’t win the first of these prizes. Only Henri Becquerel and Pierre Curie were suggested by the French Academy of Sciences as contenders for the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903.


Linus Pauling was the lone recipient of two Nobel Prizes who did not share them with anyone else (28th February, 1901 – 19th August, 1994). His discovery on the nature of chemical bonding was rewarded with the first honour, the 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. And eight years later, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for his ardent pacifism during the Cold War, which was principally centred on opposing nuclear weapons (1962).

4) J Bardeen

John Bardeen (23 May 1908 – 30 January 1991), the only scientist in history to have won two Nobel Prizes in the category of Physics, is largely responsible for the ease with which we can now watch television, listen to the newest music hits on the radio, talk on cell phones, watch television, and comfortably browse the Internet using computers and tablets.

5) Sangar

Frederick Sanger (13 August 1918 – 19 November 2013), a biology enthusiast who was successful in establishing the amino acid sequence of a protein, became the fourth and final recipient of the prestigious double Nobel Prize. Sanger won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his achievement by selecting insulin, a crucial hormone in the control of glucose metabolism.
Not content with this, he received the honour again in the same category in 1980 for creating a technique to read DNA, which marked the beginning of the study of the human genome.

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